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Welcome to Designed for Poise. Laura Kress is an Alexander Technique teacher in Los Angeles and Santa Monica, California. Learn how to reduce back pain, ease anxiety, and move with ease, with the Alexander Technique. 


you are designed for poise.

Learn the Alexander Technique with Laura


"...I had the transformative experience of studying The Alexander Technique with Laura. She used gentle, effective, informative and explorative techniques to help guide me through exercises designed to calm anxiety, build mind-body connection, drain muscular tension, effect poise and encourage proper body movement for speaking, walking, sitting, relaxing and even playing violin...She is very well educated about anatomy, movement, psychology, meditation and connection of mind to body. I highly recommend Laura, especially if looking for a gentle, informative, kind and effective way to take your practice to the next level..."

Jessica Bostwick // Director of Development Sales The DevStar Group