Learn the Alexander Technique


I teach private Alexander Technique lessons as well as curate workshops and classes for groups.


Private Lessons

Private lessons are the most effective way to work on your individual habits. Lessons last 50 minutes. With gentle touch and verbal instruction, I will guide you in re-educating your postural habits and coordination. The three tools you will gradually master over a series of lessons are Awareness, Inhibition, and Direction. You will gain kinesthetic AWARENESS, learn to INHIBIT your old habit patter, and DIRECT yourself into a better coordination. 

You will learn these principles by exploring the way you move in simple activities such as sitting, standing, and walking. A new coordination will begin to develop within yourself that will translate into any activity.

In a matter of lessons you will have an enhanced quality of kinesthetic awareness and engagement  in your daily life.


Workshops and classes for your school or business

Bring the Alexander Technique to your business, community center, or school:

I curate workshops and group classes to fit the specific needs of your business, center, or school. The technique is easily accessible to varying audiences and is a great opportunity for you, your colleagues, and students to learn effective tools for self-care.


For special requests, business inquiries, or to schedule a private lesson, contact Laura